We are humbled by what some of our previous families have written about us!

"Both us and our children were blessed to have Felicia and Sudhar as our Montessori guides. Our experience of 3 years in Felicia’s classroom was incredible. Felicia and her team provided both our children with a nurturing environment that fostered their independence, self-confidence, and empathy for their peers. Their care for our children was rounded up by guiding us through our children’s development and their work and learning in a Montessori environment, which was new to us. She worked with us as a team so we could provide harmonious social and emotional support and guidance at home as they received at school.

Sudhar joined the classroom later in the 3-year cycle but he imprinted beautiful memories in our children with his songs and stories. There will always be part of Felicia and Sudhar in our children and we could not have wished for better guides for them and for us. We are grateful to have met them and my husband and I wish we had been children in their classroom!"

Waldy, Lluis, Chloe, and Alex

"Our son and family have had the great fortune to have Felicia and Sudhar as their teachers, especially during such a formative time in their lives as they discover and explore the world. Felicia and Sudhar are sincere and passionate about the work that they do—encouraging children to be curious, diligent, focused, and respectful of their peers and surroundings. To watch my son learn and grow under their guidance has been a true joy. And to have their support as we navigate these early years has been instrumental. We are forever grateful for the 1.5 years that our son was able to spend with Felicia and Sudhar, and are happy to know that they will be able to positively impact the lives of many children and families to come after us."

Abhas & Shaily Gupta

"We had the privilege to have Felicia introduce our daughter to a Montessori education, which we could not have been more pleased with. Under her firm but loving guidance, our daughter has thrived. While we were already impressed by Felicia she took it to the next level during the re-opening of our school during the Covid crisis. She managed a very precarious situation in a very impressive manner making sure that the children were not only safe but also that they got to again experience the magic of being back to school. We really hope that our paths cross with Felicia's again in the future."

Gustav & Caroline

“We are beyond delighted that our son got to spend most of his awake hours during a very critical development phase with a human being as nurturing and meticulous as Felicia. She was our rock!

Felicia is someone who loves to share the joy of learning, and thoroughly enjoys a child’s journey through that process. This was reflected in her interaction with our child, and us as parents. Felicia demonstrated a level of involvement with our child that was awe-inspiring. She deeply understood how he could thrive: where to support him, and where to push him. She cherished the friendships he built and was proud of his accomplishments, all as if he were her own child. This warmth extended to all children in her class. In fact, she became an important bond within the parent community. Many of us are still in touch, way after our kids have outgrown that phase, and Felicia is a very important part of that. At every phase of our children’s education, we look for a ‘Felicia’. She has set a high bar.”

Mallika & Amit

"Our oldest child had the good fortune of having Felicia as his Montessori guide for all 2 1/2 years of his preschool experience. We knew nothing about the Montessori model prior to meeting her, but quickly adopted several of its tenets into our home once we saw it work in real-time. Felicia always opened her classroom door with love, patience, and unconditional positive regard for the young lives entrusted to her. She seemed to always be simultaneously humbled by and delighted by the children in her care. She is both a Montessori "purist" and a warm, gentle, attuned caregiver. When I had the opportunity to first observe Felicia teaching my son, it felt like I was watching magic in motion. She has a masterful way of playfully, yet patiently, guiding children along to reach their potential for understanding and creating. My son's love for problem-solving was tended to daily, and his level of independence (even now) often takes me by surprise. These habits started in preschool, and have continued with him through elementary. We will always be grateful that Felicia was part of our family's story!"

Taryn & Jarrod

"We are so grateful our son Ruben has had the opportunity to have Felicia as a teacher. We have seen him become increasingly independent - doing the dishes, deciding the activities he wants to engage in and properly ending them, volunteering to help with chores -, becoming self-assured and creative in many different ways. Felicia's learning philosophy and great patience have allowed Ruben to become a bilingual child in just a few months - he initially started the school year not speaking English, only French. We have seen him evolve into a joyful and confident little boy thanks to the remarkable learning environment crafted by Felicia and her team."

Tamia & David

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"Our son Atlas was very fortunate to have Felicia as his teacher and guides for three years. Having visited the classroom on numerous occasions, we were able to observe Felicia in action, helping the children learn new skills, and encouraging them to take the next steps needed to master them. She is kind, firm, and supportive - I've seen her dealing with many kids all needing something at once with incredible grace - she empathized with their feelings, let them know what was expected, and provided help and options so they could get what they needed. In short, she is fantastic at helping kids take the next steps towards independence. During the time that Atlas was at home during the pandemic, we only came to appreciate her skills even more. Getting Atlas excited to practice any of the work that he loves doing at school was almost impossible. I marvel at the fact that Felicia has created an environment in which Atlas is excited to participate and learn every day."

Erica & Gabor

"We love you!!! While teaching is a gift that seems to come quite naturally for some like Felicia. She is creative, passionate, dedicated, caring, innovative, motivated, and loving. Felicia creates a sense of community and belonging in her classrooms. It is almost a feel of a small community where each student is aware that he or she is an important, integral part of this community. Felicia lets her students know that they can depend not only on her but also on each other. Her welcoming approach provides a supportive, collaborative environment for her students. Felicia sets high expectations for her students and herself; she has no fear of learning new teaching strategies or incorporating new technologies into her lessons. Her flexible approach combined with her genuine love for her students allows her to naturally work tirelessly to create a challenging, nurturing environment for everyone in her class. She is not only a great teacher, but she is also an amazing human being and we will be forever grateful for her. We will forever love and admire you Felicia!"

Seda & Ata

"Sudhar is a knowledgeable and proficient educator. He is a vibrant and welcoming person, who makes learning a pleasurable experience. His teaching methods and strategies have been effective in imparting knowledge to my son and motivating him to work hard to be an independent and confident student.

Sudhar always devotes time before and after every class to communicate with me about the academic particulars and ideas on how we as a parent-student-teacher partnership can help my son to collaboratively solve problems in other aspects of his life.

His philosophy is to inspire the student to think and reason for themselves, thus developing self-reliance. I am thankful to have his guidance and encouragement to my child, towards his education and future life skills. I value his dedication towards my son’s development beyond academics. I, as a parent of his student, appreciate all of Sudhar’s efforts. I wish him every success with his future in the educational system. From my experience with him, I would offer an unreserved recommendation."


"Before they met Sudhar, Sawyer and Hudson were struggling in school. Sawyer was in the 7th grade, and Hudson was in the 5th grade. They were having a difficult time completing their homework and sometimes even starting it. They didn't know how to study for a test and were having difficulty with the concepts in math and comprehension of history/ science facts, etc.

For one thing, Sudhar had a very calming effect on these two boys. Hudson would bring tea or water in anticipation of him coming. They completely respected him right from the start. You have no idea how many times over the years we have all said, "Gee, I wish we had Sudhar". Sudhar would take each one in a quiet part of the house, one at a time. And the boys really listened to him.

After a bit, we started seeing an improvement in their grades. Sawyer was becoming more confident when he was studying for a test. I remember he was using some type of study method that Sudhar gave him to study from. Hudson's biggest improvement was that his teacher quit giving him a bad time when he didn't finish his homework or not bring it in at all because he started to consistently finish his work. His favorite line was "Gramma, I already finished it at school" and I would say, "Then let me see your backpack".

When Sudhar would explain the math problems, he got it right away and that made him want to finish. I think if kids get what they are supposed to do, they persist. Sudhar helped them through that. That's why we missed you so much once they moved to Rocklin. Now, Sawyer is 19 and in college. He graduated with a 3.5-grade point average and I still see him using that study method that you gave him so many years ago. Hudson is a senior in high school. He has continued to complete his homework on time and he knows it is his responsibility now. No one is checking his backpack these days. Though it has been a struggle with Distance Learning, he seems to have adapted.

I think Sudhar instilled in both of them that you need a routine for when you are studying and also not to wait until the last minute to complete assignments. I think Sawyer struggled with that during the first semester in college. It's a transition but I'm confident that because of you he has many good skills to fall back on. Having such a good foundation that you gave them for several years will continue to follow them as they mature. I told Adam and the boys that I was writing this and Adam said it was pure luck that we found Sudhar so easily when I was searching. Sudhar, you changed their lives. It's true. And I know you will go on to change many, many more young lives as you build your dream school."

The Skerl Family

Preeti: "Arjun needed help to set goals so he could work towards them, and though he understood concepts at a higher level, he needed help with the application of concepts at the right places. With Sudhar’s help, Arjun learned to set goals, from small to big for himself and work towards them. Sudhar taught Arjun that he was capable of self-learning, and to depend on and hone his mathematical abilities. This confidence was lacking earlier and Sudhar really enhanced this in Arjun. The practise and guidance Sudhar gave Arjun helped him clear Algebra1 with a “credit by exam” method so he could skip ahead to Geometry. Sudhar is responsible for the confidence with which Arjun now approaches Math."

Arjun: "I was struggling to understand a few concepts from the algebra 1 course, and this reflected in my school grades as they were good but not as good as they could have been. Sudhar was extremely patient and considerate with me. He always made sure I understood the concepts that we were going over that day. Furthermore, he made sure I was comfortable in every class. Due to Sudhar's belief in my abilities and the training he gave me, I managed to skip the Algebra 1 course entirely and was also able to retain the concepts which I had learned."

Preeti & Arjun

"My Granddaughter, Stefanie, has worked with Sudhar for over a year. She has always had problems with math. High school was even worse. She had no confidence and would cry because she didn’t understand the homework. Often referring to herself as being ”stupid”. After starting tutoring with Sudhar she took the SAT and received a great score. With her GPA she is eligible for State University. I listened several times during their sessions, he was so patient, kind and really helped her to understand how to solve math problems. He gave her so much encouragement and praise that not only helped in math but helped with her whole high school experience. Sudhar gave homework assignments and notified me if she didn’t complete them. After every session, he would call to ask if I had any questions. To this day my Granddaughter speaks so fondly of Sudhar and said she wished her teachers at schools were like him. I don’t know what we would have done without him. He is awesome!"